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The Surprisingly Old Science of Living as Transgender:

In the 20th century’s middle decades, the first recipient of phalloplasty surgery fought to be recognized as a man. See my essay at VOICES/Opinions, Scientific American @Sciam:

In early March of 1958, Michael Dillon, ship’s surgeon, made his way below deck. A member of the United Kingdom’s Merchant Navy, possessed of athletic bearing and a luxuriant beard, Dillon had hardly opened his sick bay when the steward delivered a cable. “Do you intend to claim the title since your change-over?” it read. “Kindly cable the Daily Express.” Dillon blanched and crushed the letter in his palms, then lit his pipe with shaking hands. He had kept a secret for over 15 years: Dillon had been born Laura Maud (sometimes written as “Maude”) Dillon. [Read More]