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Author. Historian. Adventurer at the Intersections.

Someone asked me why I chose the by-line adventurer at the intersection.

The truth is, I do history the way most people climb mountains. I get my hands dirty, I climb through basements, I travel from one end of the world to the other pursuing a story. I also work at the intersections of fields: History, medicine, science and tech, literature, steampunk, and not a few Gothic horrors. (I was once introduced on public radio as a vampire expert). I work in museums, I work for a British journal, I appear on television–and I wear funny hats. As a result, I give a lot of keynotes and book talks. You can see my TEDx here, and you can book an engagement below. As you can probably guess, I get up to all sorts of things.


Within the United States, I have appeared for book talks at universities around the country from California to Missouri, New York to Nebraska. Abroad, I’ve given keynotes for the Institute for Medical Ethics in Oxford, UK, for the Association of Medical Humanities held in Limerick, Ireland, at a roundtable for Cultural Crossing of Care in Oslo, Norway–and as an invited speaker to  Senchenov University in Moscow. While COVID travel restrictions have limited in-person events, I am happy to attend events virtually–and with increasing vaccination, I’ve begun planning travel for the fall. (PS: I also love a good book club, having run one of my own…)

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