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Author. Historian. Adventurer at the Intersections.

Someone asked me why I chose the by-line adventurer at the intersection.

The truth is, I do history the way most people climb mountains. I get my hands dirty, I climb through basements, I travel from one end of the world to the other pursuing a story. I also work at the intersections of fields: History, medicine, science and tech, literature, steampunk, and not a few Gothic horrors. (I was once introduced on public radio as a vampire expert). I work in museums, I work for a British journal, I appear on television–and I wear funny hats. As a result, I give a lot of keynotes and book talks. You can see my TEDx here, and you can book an engagement below. As you can probably guess, I get up to all sorts of things.


Within the United States, I have appeared as a keynote for Drury University’s symposium, and for Project Fibonacci® STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math). In June 2018, I gave a keynote for the Institute for Medical Ethics meeting in Oxford, UK, ahead of the ICCEC conference. In October 2018, I offered a roundtable at Cultural Crossing of Care in Oslo, Norway–and in March of 2019, I was an invited speaker in Moscow, Russia, at Senchenov University. While COVID travel restrictions have limited in-person events, I do have upcoming virtual engagements in Washington D.C. and New York City, and if fate smiles, I will be the keynote speaker for the Association of Medical Humanities in Limerick, Ireland, 2021.

I am available for: