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The basics:

Dr. BRANDY SCHILLACE (skil-AH-chay) is an author, historian, show-host and Editor of BMJ’s Medical Humanities Journal. Her recent book, MR. HUMBLE AND DR. BUTCHER–described by the New York Times as a “macabre delight”–explores Cold War medicine, bioethics, and transplant science. Brandy’s next nonfiction book, THE INTERMEDIARIES, will tell the forgotten, daring history of the interwar Institute of Sexology in Berlin: trans activists, the first gender affirming surgeries, and the fight for LGBTQ rights in the shadow of the Nazi Third Reich. Rebels against empires, it’s a heart-stopping story of courage in the face of long odds.

Brandy hosts a regular YouTube show, Peculiar Book Club, features livestream chats with bestselling authors of unusual nonfiction, from Lindsey Fitzharris and Mary Roach to Carl Zimmer and Deborah Blum.  She has appeared on Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum,  NPR’s Here and Now, and the History Channel. Bylines at WIREDScientific American, Globe and Mail, WSJ Books, and Medium. Surprise! She also writes fiction.

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