Peculiar Book Club

"It's like Kids in the Hall meets Muppet Show meets Morticia Addams Book Club."

It’s weird. It’s science-y. It’s a safe haven of nerdery for all peculiar people with bizarre interests–and best of all, you get to chat LIVE with your favorite authors from the comfort of your Nautilus or other computer station. Get signed books from indy shops Bookshop (US) or Foxlane Books (UK), hear live music, name the week’s cocktail. Come for the books, stay for the weird, catch our podcast!

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If you're weird, you're family.

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Peculiar Book Club Podcast

  • Hear from best selling authors of science, history, and peculiar nonfiction!
  • Get an inside peek at New Releases!
  • Catch ‘Peculiar at the Movies’ with Davey Berris and explore book themes in film!