CONTENDERS IN THE CURRENT WAR, HuffPost, Oct 17, 2017, by Brandy Schillace

Fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal has put the company in crisis—and destructive tremors have reached a 2017 Oscar hopeful. Following the horrifying expose of Weinstein’s behavior (longstanding and devastating in reach), the company announced that The Current War release would be pushed into 2018, leaving its future in doubt. Chris Evangelista, writing for FILM, aptly summarized the plight in an October 15th article, suggesting that only “time will only tell when The Current War sees the light of day.” In fact, time, and light, operate at the center of film’s story…and the more interesting history behind its script.


Benedict Cumberbatch of the widely acclaimed BBC SHERLOCK appeared in the film’s Toronto debut as Thomas Edison, the untouchable American inventor, at the height of his career and with the world on a string […] the The Current War intends to offer a dazzling duel of electrical wizards, with Edison facing off to his greatest rival (and losing). But here we find a twist. The plot does not principally feature Edison’s row with the eccentric Tesla, as fans might expect…

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