Jan 2022-July 2022: PBC SEASON 2!

Thought it couldn’t get weirder?

Join Us As a Peculiar Subscriber!

While there will still be the usual donation tickets per event on offer, you can now JOIN US as PECULIAR subscribers and get extra events, special merchandise, first dibs at offers, contests, and more! As before, you get to chat LIVE with each guest! Three levels to choose from, and each helps us keep the show going so we can bring you even more amazing, peculiar authors. (It also keeps Davey and Brandy from becoming high seas pirates to cover operating expenses.)

New this year:

  • Extra events for subscribers only, including a special sneak peek at Lindsey Fitzharris’ new book!
  • Subscriber-only give-aways with new prizes!
  • Free end-of-year cocktail booklet with show recipes!
  • A chance to be *on* the show with an author!
  • Plus! Give the Gift of Weird: Buy one subscription for yourself, get a second 50% off for a friend!

As always, you can get signed books by our authors from our US shop (Loganberry Books) and our UK shop (Fox Lane Books)!

Level 1:

Peculiar People

-All 12 shows (16 authors)

-2 additional shows (Suzie Lennox and a launch party for Chuck Wendig’s Wayward)

-Entry into special subscriber contests

-PBC book tote (swag ships Dec)

Level 2:

Kraken Keepers

-All 12 shows (16 authors)

4 additional shows (Suzie, Chuck, PLUS a sneak-peak at Lindsey Fitzharris new book, and a live show with Charming Disaster!)

-Entry into special subscriber contests

-PBC book tote and T-shirt (swag ships Dec)

Level 3:

Founding Weirds

-All 12 shows (16 authors)

-4 additional shows (all that you get with Kraken Keepers!)

PLUS you can be live on one show with us and an author!

PLUS a chance to chat with authors in the green room (limit 2)

-PLUS the Writer’s Workshop! We will be selling tickets later this year to a writing workshop with me and another author (TBA) to talk about craft.

-Entry into subscriber contests

-PBC tote, T-shirt, and mug (swag ships Dec)

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Jan 2022-July 2022: PBC SEASON 2!