Dec 16 at 7pm: Christmas Quackery with Lydia Kang!


It’s almost the Holidays, when I like to settle by the fire with a good book about–well, you know. Quack science!

Imagine a time when doctors prescribed morphine for crying infants. When liquefied gold was touted as immortality in a glass. And when strychnine—yes, that strychnine, the one used in rat poison—was dosed like Viagra. AND IT GETS WORSE!

Looking back with fascination, horror, and not a little dash of dark, knowing humor, Quackery recounts the lively, at times unbelievable, history of medical misfires and malpractices. Ranging from the merely weird to the outright dangerous, here are dozens of outlandish, morbidly hilarious “treatments”—conceived by doctors and scientists, by spiritualists and snake oil salesmen (yes, they literally tried to sell snake oil)—that were predicated on a range of cluelessness, trial and error, and straight-up scams. With vintage illustrations, photographs, and advertisements throughout, Quackery seamlessly combines macabre humor with science and storytelling to reveal an important and disturbing side of the ever-evolving field of medicine.

JOIN US for holiday cheer, book-themed (holiday themed) cocktail–and hot cocoa too, fun for everyone and good cheer for all the holidays you celebrate! Give-aways, prizes, and more for registered attendees and a chance to catch up before the break!

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“Much more than simply an overview of radioactive suppositories and mummy powderQuackery is a thrilling dive into the human desire to live, to thrive, and the incredible power of belief.”

― Dylan Thuras, coauthor of Atlas Obscura

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Dec 16 at 7pm: Christmas Quackery with Lydia Kang!