EDIT A medical humanities scholar, historian, and fiction writer, Brandy Schillace spends her time in the mist-shrouded alleyways between literature and medicine. Dr. Schillace is managing editor of Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry (an international journal of cross-cultural health research) and Research Associate for the Dittrick Museum of Medical History. She writes for Inside Higher EdHuffington Post, and the Centre for Medical Humanities, Durham (UK), and her essays have appeared in Belt Magazine, Atlas Obscura, and on H-net. In addition to multiple published articles, she is co-editor of a collection titled Birthing the Monster of Tomorrow: Unnatural Reproducitons (Cambria 2014) and a cultural history about grief ritual, Death’s Summer Coat (Elliott and Thompson, 2015). As part of her further adventures at the intersection, she created the Fiction Reboot | Daily Dose blog.

Brandy grew up in an underground house in abandoned coal mining territory near a cemetery. It does things to you (like convince you to get a PhD). It also encourages a particular brand of fictive output. Taking a cue from Edward Gorey and John Bellairs, she writes fantasy gothic and YA fiction, but with a medical twist. Her first series, The Jacob Maresbeth Chronicles, will be out spring 2014 with Cooperative Trade Press. She is also working on a second series, The Witchwood at Nob’s End, plus a mystery titled Here Comes Troubelle, anda novel about rogue scholarship and nefarious goats.

When she isn’t researching arsenic poisoning for the Dittrick Museum, writing fiction, taking over the world, or herding cats, Dr. Schillace teaches for Case Western Reserve University and develops medical humanities curriculum for the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine.

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