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Intersecting many fields of study

Brandy Schillace, PhD, works at the intersections of medicine, history, technology, and literature. As an author, historian, and public intellectual, Brandy seeks to bring the unique stories of the past to life–for our greatest innovations and loftiest triumphs come most frequently from the arena where science and story meet.

Building Bridges

Brandy serves as Senior Research Associate and Public Engagement Fellow for the Dittrick Museum of Medical History (Case Western Reserve University) and Editor in Chief for BMJ’s Medical Humanities Journal, Tavistock Square, London. In her current role at the Dittrick, Brandy works to build bridges with other institutions, to promote networks and memberships, to raise funds, and to reach the under-served through programming and outreach. Museums provide a gateway, a means of accessing the practical utility of humanities in action, and Brandy’s publications return again and again to this core value: our history, art, and culture exist to be shared. In her role as editor, Brandy focuses upon the valuable intersections between medicine and history, culture, and society.

Curriculum Vitae

Recent Works

Brandy’s current work–CLOCKWORK FUTURES–explores the science and history behind “steampunk,” that clockwork world of gadgets, gizmos, and Victorian debonair. Read more on her Books page, or find her TEDx talk here. Other recent titles include DEATH’S SUMMER COAT, exploring cultural approaches to death and dying (Pegasus), and the co-edited collection UNNATURAL REPRODUCTIONS, on “monstrous” birth across time and genre (Cambria). Reviews have appeared in Science Magazine, the New Yorker, the New York Times, and Boston Globe. Brandy has also written for Huffington Post, InsideHigherEd, H-net, and Centre for Medical Humanities. She directs and speaks for CONVERSATIONS, a series of then-and-now history of medicine talks and has been an invited speaker for the University at Buffalo, University College of Dublin, Manchester University, the New York Academy of Medicine, Little Atoms Radio and various podcasts. Across borders, beneath streets, buried in vaults and in the basement of libraries and museums: it’s the (untold) stories that matter, the human story at the center of medicine.

Represented by: Jessica Papin, Dystel, Goderich and Bourret Literary Management; and Kim Yau, Paradigm Talent AgencyPhotographer: Frank J Lanza.

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