cover1-textsizecover2-test Meet Jacob Maresbeth! Teen journalist, avid beach-goer… and vampire? “I am not!” Jake insists, but let’s face it, dining on blood instead of cheeseburgers kind of gets you noticed.

And not in a good way.
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HIGH STAKES, Book One of the Jacob Maresbeth Chronicles, takes “what I did on my summer vacation” to a whole new level. Stuck at his aunt’s house–and having to hide the more, let’s say, “unusual” symptoms of his condition–poor Jake’s summer can’t get worse. Until he meets Zsofia, that is… This summer break might be Jake’s last! (Buy it on Amazon or read an excerpt here.)

VILLAGERS follows Jake back to his home town and into a whole lot of trouble with the school bully. But, as usual, that’s hardly Jake’s biggest problem! How do you explain a dozen missing bicycles? The mystery thickens, a little bit like Jake’s O-positive, and that’s just the beginning… Available now!

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Praise for HIGH STAKES:

High Stakes was a thoroughly enjoyable read from beginning to end. Schillace gives us a powerful debut, with a strong and an entertaining voice. The story was funny and sweet, but also suspenseful. At the end of this brief and brisk story, I was left wanting more. I can’t wait for more Jacob Maresbeth, and more novels by Brandy Schillace.
—Sharon Bayliss, author of The Charge
In High Stakes, Brandy Schillace gives us a refreshing take on the teen vampire novel. Blending humor, intriguing characters, and some unexpected twists, she has created an entertaining read and a quirky new hero who will appeal to those thirsting for intelligent young adult fiction. I look forward to reading more Jacob Maresbeth stories. Recommended.
— David B. Coe/D.B. Jackson, author of the Thieftaker Chronicles

The Jacob Maresbeth Chronicles | HIGH STAKES

“I’m not a vampire,” insists Jacob Maresbeth. But what is a vampire, really? What happens if you have all the right symptoms, but are a living, breathing sixteen-year-old boy?

Ever since he was involved in a mysterious “accident” while traveling abroad with his family Jacob (Jake) Maresbeth has suffered from an unusual medical condition. Having a doctor for a dad has certainly made things easier for Jake, but puberty throws a wrench in the mix with brand new problems. Even Jake’s father, a respected neurologist, has been hiding some of his more unusual symptoms for years…especially that one little detail about drinking blood. From hermetically sealed juice boxes. In the basement.

“Let’s face it,” says Jake, “consuming raw blood instead of cheeseburgers kind of gets you noticed, and not in a good way.” Easygoing and affable Jake knows the whole blood-drinking thing is a little weird, but doesn’t spend too much time thinking about it. Would you? Hospital visits suck (no pun intended) and medical tests are boring. Anyway, Jake’s got bigger things to worry about, like writing articles for the school newspaper and trying—desperately—to get a date. But the safety bubble Jake’s family and community provides is burst when he takes a summer visit to his quirky professor Aunt Sylvia. While Jake and his theatre-loving sister Lizzy struggle to keep the “unofficial” details of his disorder secret from Aunt Syl (who embarrassingly mistakes Jake’s condition for spastic colon syndrome), Jake also has to contend with a growing appetite and a limited travel-sized blood supply. Level-headedness tends to be Lizzy’s strong suit, however, and Jake throws caution to the winds in an effort to impress Zsófia, Aunt Sylvia’s gorgeous Hungarian graduate student.

Blond beach boy with a spotless reputation, well-balanced home life, and plenty of friends: it doesn’t sound like your normal angsty vampire novel. But the world of a “differently abled” young adult is fraught with plenty of danger—and to spare! When the remaining blood supplies in Jake’s portable refrig-o-mat suddenly come up missing, his vacation takes a more sinister turn. Worse, he seems to be developing new symptoms, far from the protection of his doctor-dad. Will he make it until fresh supplies arrive? What exactly is Zsófia researching? And why does she seem suddenly, seductively, interested in Jake? For the teenage medical vampire, even summer vacation can be deadly serious!

Find out more about Jake and his (mis)adventures in The Jacob Maresbeth Chronicles.

Book one is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Foyles, and more. I welcome your reviews and ratings (really! In my view, reader feedback makes the world go round).

Look for Book Two, Villagers, out this spring! More about Jake, Lizzy, his best friend Henry… and some very unusual goings-on in Newport News, Virginia.


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