Oct 14th at 7PM: Making Monsters with Kathryn Harkup!

This is How you Make a Monster!

A thrilling and gruesome look at the science that influenced Mary Shelley’s classic Gothic novel, Frankenstein

It is unlikely that Frankenstein would have been successful in his attempts to create life back in 1818… And YET… advances in medical science mean we have overcome many of the stumbling blocks that would have thwarted his ambition. We can resuscitate people using defibrillators, save lives using blood transfusions, and prolong life through organ transplants–these procedures are nowadays considered almost routine. Many of these modern achievements are a direct result of 19th century scientists conducting their gruesome experiments on the dead! What better way to welcome October than with the science of MONSTERS?

Join host Dr. Brandy Schillace and get a chance to talk about the book with author Kathryn Harkup! Enjoy a little book-themed cocktail (not poisonous. Probably). Registered attendees get the recipe and chances to win swag!

Livestream on Oct 14, Thursday at 7 PM EDT. Donations requested for tickets to support books and authors that even a mad scientist would be proud of! We will ALSO talk about her book A is for Arsenic, the Poisons of Agatha Christie, so come prepared to be enthralled!

“Arsenic-eaters were often found so well preserved, even after twelve years, that they were recognisable to family and friends when they were disinterred. The presence of arsenic in corpses may lie behind some vampire legends, which began in central and eastern Europe.”

― Kathryn Harkup, A is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie

BUY a signed copy of the book from our partners, Loganberry Books for US customers, and Fox Lane Books for UK!

(A is for Arsenic can be had at Fox Lane here, and Death by Shakespeare at Loganberry here!)


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Oct 14th at 7PM: Making Monsters with Kathryn Harkup!