July 22 at 7pm: Exploring Life’s Edge with Carl Zimmer!


Life's Edge Book Cover

Join host Dr. Brandy Schillace for a book club date with Carl Zimmer, author of Life’s Edge: The Search for What it Means to be Alive. In true book-club style, you will meet the author and participate in the discussion–so come with questions! Join us, too, for the PopCult Quizzer with host Davey Berris, where science fact meets science fiction.

Livestream on July 22nd, Thursday at 7 PM EDT. Donations requested for tickets to support books and authors that even a mad scientist would be proud of!

“Children also have a bias toward life in the way they learn: they can learn about animals faster than inanimate objects, and they hold on to the memories of what they learn longer. Our knowledge of life […] arises long before we can tell ourselves what we know.”

― Carl Zimmer, Life’s Edge: The Search for What It Means to Be Alive


  • Can we ever really know the fine and subtle line between living and non-living things?
  • How have the definitions of “sentience” been changed by scientific discovery?
  • What is the most shocking thing about “life”? Or about death? Is anything immortal?
  • In this age of pandemics, how do we feel about viral life?

More about Carl Zimmer:

Author site: carlzimmer.com
Twitter: @carlzimmer 
Facebook: carlzimmerauthor
Instagram: cwzimmer
New York Times: nytimes.com/by/carl-zimmer

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July 22 at 7pm: Exploring Life’s Edge with Carl Zimmer!