Aug 12th at 7pm: Science & Fiction with Chuck Wendig, author of Book of Accidents!

Wanderers, Book of Accidents, and the Murky Line between Science and Fiction

Tonight our 7pm show brings on author, comic book writer, screenwriter, and blogger for Terrible Minds: CHUCK WENDIG! He’s written for Star Wars (notably, the creator of the Marshal Cobb Vance, now featured in Mandalorian), he’s penned shuddering thrillers–including his latest horror, Book of Accidents–and he’s given us Science Fiction like Wanderers and Invasive. Tonight, in addition to asking him about these brilliant books, we’ll be asking the crucial query: how does peculiar science influence fiction…and does peculiar fiction influence science? Join us for this double feature (earlier in the evening, at 6 EST, we will be speaking with Wendy Moore about the Knife Man!) and bring your *best* questions for a chance to win cool swag and signed copies!

BOOK OF ACCIDENTS: “A family that’s banished itself to the woods of rural Pennsylvania finds more than they bargained for when supernatural forces decide they would make quite a snack. Prolific and delightfully profane[…] injected with a juicy dose of Stephen King–like energy.”

–Kirkus Reviews

In true book-club style, you will meet the author and participate in the discussion–so come with questions! Join us, too, for the PopCult Quizzer with host Davey Berris, where science fact meets science fiction. Livestream on Aug 12, Thursday at 7 PM EDT. Donations requested for tickets to support books and authors that even a mad scientist would be proud of!

“Write as much as you can.
As fast as you can.
Finish your shit.
Hit your deadlines.
Try very hard not to suck.”

–Chuck Wendig

Find Chuck: instagram: @chuck_wendig,
Bookstore: doylestown bookshop:

Discussion Questions

  • What are the relationships between and among horror, thriller, and sci-fi?
  • What are your biggest influences of science? Of fiction?
  • Do you think fiction has something important to tell science? Is it a cautionary tale? Or does it push the boundaries?
  • We want to know about Star Wars. You can’t blame us. But there is plenty of peculiar science in there.
  • Tell us the truth: is science going to save humanity, or are we just going to engineer terrifying flesh eating ants?

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Aug 12th at 7pm: Science & Fiction with Chuck Wendig, author of Book of Accidents!