“If we are the moral center, acting on technology, then which technologies might today be robbing us of that center? How about the veritable onslaught of available information, presented without curators or librarians or filters or commentaries? Or the way CGI blends the real and not real? We have invented access to and proliferation of data faster than we’ve developed frameworks and structures to support them, or means of teaching ourselves how to use them. As I say in the book, that’s almost inventing the train crash ahead of the train.”

Many thanks to Joe Mason of Steampunk Chicago for interviewing me about CLOCKWORK FUTURES! Fascinating questions, and required heavy thinking: what does it mean to “re-invent” the world? what are my own fears of “dread tech”? what might the future hold for science and technology? What, in so many words, is the scientific history (and future) of steampunk? Join us here to read the interview! And send your comments, too.

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