Are we our brains?

Are we our brains?

I’m thrilled to announce that my next book will come out with Simon & Schuster! In another of life’s lessons that truth is stranger that fiction, I’ll be telling the remarkable story of a monkey’s head, the Pope’s neuroscientist, and an international quest to transplant the soul. There’s a two headed dog, too, just for good measure.

HuffPo: Troubling the Future

TROUBLING THE FUTURE: the Remaking of Nikola Tesla: There are two great myths about Nikola Tesla. The first is that his greatest rival was Thomas Edison. But the second is perhaps even more intriguing. Read more at the HuffPo!

#2018Medhums: Social Justice in Medicine

Medical humanities is a means of reflection upon and examination of biomedicine in context—and a recognition that context is politicized, culturally complex, and frequently ambiguous. But to see such a broad a vista needs a broad approach. My aim isn’t to define the medicine humanities as a single, static instrument or lens. Instead, we want to reconsider the medical humanities as radical dialogic encounter—a place for conversation with those outside our own areas of specialty.

Review by David Pitt, Booklist Online

“Schillace’s ambitious study of the history of steampunk is sure to appeal to a wide range of readers, from SF fans to readers of Victorian history (much of steampunk is set during the Victorian Era)…”

Steampunking the John Fugelsang Show

On October 24th, I was on air with John Fugelsang’s Tell Me Everything, talking about *literally* everything–I don’t think I’ve ever been asked about artificial intelligence, coal miners, and Rush’s Clockwork Angel on the same show before! Listen in below, and tune in to the program for exciting new perspectives–described as “NPR with a demented sense of humor.” Just my style, really. Read more to get the audio–and listen in to the program on SiriusXM Insight #121 2-5pm ET M-F.

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