Review by David Pitt, Booklist Online

“Schillace’s ambitious study of the history of steampunk is sure to appeal to a wide range of readers, from SF fans to readers of Victorian history (much of steampunk is set during the Victorian Era)…”

Steampunking the John Fugelsang Show

On October 24th, I was on air with John Fugelsang’s Tell Me Everything, talking about *literally* everything–I don’t think I’ve ever been asked about artificial intelligence, coal miners, and Rush’s Clockwork Angel on the same show before! Listen in below, and tune in to the program for exciting new perspectives–described as “NPR with a demented sense of humor.” Just my style, really. Read more to get the audio–and listen in to the program on SiriusXM Insight #121 2-5pm ET M-F.

Contenders in ‘The Current War’

Fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal has put the company in crisis—and destructive tremors have reached a 2017 Oscar hopeful. Following the horrifying expose of Weinstein’s behavior (longstanding and devastating in reach), the company announced that The Current War release would be pushed into 2018, leaving its future in doubt. Chris Evangelista, writing for FILM, aptly summarized the plight in an October 15th article, suggesting that only “time will only tell when The Current War sees the light of day.” In fact, time, and light, operate at the center of film’s story…and the more interesting history behind its script.

CONTENDERS IN THE CURRENT WAR, HuffPost, Oct 17, 2017, by Brandy Schillace

Clockwork Futures reviewed in Wall Street Journal

“Schillace recounts the fascinating history of the real scientists and inventors who laid the foundations for our modern-day technology (such as Edison, Tesla and Volta), along with such fictional practitioners as Dr. Victor Frankenstein and Sherlock Holmes. In a way, the book stands as a companion to Richard Holmes’s popular history “The Age of Wonder.” Entertaining and illuminating. […] It answers some questions I never even thought to ask.”—THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

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