It’s not everyday that you don the Clockwork Orange hat and pointing stick for a celebration in full steampunk regalia. But then, that’s what book launch parties are for.

I began the book tour in New York City at Union Hall, with a marvelous evening of future and past technologies and what I like to call “dread tech” –those new and surprising devices with their unexpected consequences. But for Sept 22 in Cleveland, my hometown and the best big little city (complete with the spare ribs and spine of one-time steel booms and burning river history), I wanted to do something just a little bit different. Thus: performing the history of our search for power. The zappy kind. How did we go from static electric machines to the high tension wires of today? Who were the heroes and the villains? I was joined on stage by Lord Armstrong and Thomas Edison (Tesla was away in his lab and Newton couldn’t come.

Brandy and her pointing stick

Apparently, an apple fell on his head or something.) In a riotous evening complete with a peanut gallery chorus (always be closing!) and the brilliance of JP and Friends (members of JP and the Chatfield Boys band), Happy Dog East rolled the night away in costume.

Thank you to all my reveler friends, to Barnes and Noble (who sold books at the evenings earlier reading at Dittrick Museum) and to Mac’s Backs, who came to Euclid Tavern. It was brilliant, and an honor to be with you for the final tour stop of Clockwork Futures!

More about Clockwork Futures

Airships and electric submarines, automatons and mesmerists: welcome to the wild world of steampunk.  It is all speculative?or is it?  Meet the intrepid souls who pushed Victorian technology to its limits and paved the way for our present age.


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