June 7, 2016 Global Center Exchanges: Minds that Matter, the evolution of mental health treatment


Tuesday June 7th 7pm: Minds that Matter: the evolution of mental health treatment from ECT to surgery to pharma REGISTER NOW!

The 19th century saw a shift in treatment of mental health, but also overuse of diagnoses like hysteria and neurasthenia. Electric shock treatment frequently appears in a negative light, though it had some positive outcomes and it still used today—unlike the more devastating use of lucatome and lobotomy. Even so, lobotomy was hailed as a great success because patients could be calmed in the era before pharmaceuticals and tranquilizers. How else (the papers asked) would beleaguered nurses and doctors handle patients acting out, injuring themselves and others? Pharma “solved” such “problems” but brought its own in the form of overuse, overdose, and side-effects. The whole history of mental health is one of tension, trial and error, progress and regress, as we slowly built an understanding of our most precious and most mysterious matter: our brains. At: Global Center for Health Innovation, Cleveland, Ohio



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April 6, 2016

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