Futures Past–A date at Brooklyn’s Union Hall

Futures Past–A date at Brooklyn’s Union Hall

This past Friday (Sept 8th), I had the extreme good fortune to take part in Empiricist League #20, aptly titled Histories of the Future. Along with my two fellow speakers, I had the chance to do a little time travel. Of course, as a historian and lover of all things steampunk, my talk didn’t look nearly so much at “future histories” (the future of architecture, agriculture, and space travel) as “Past futures.” I began the talk with a signature line from the my recent book CLOCKWORK FUTURES:

“Every good history begins with a story. The best of them build bridges through time where one story’s end is lost in the next one’s beginning, like a dragon swallowing its own tail.”

Oldies but Goodies: news from the rear-view

Sometimes you get reminded of “news” that isn’t news anymore. But it’s still good news. Last year in 2015, my short story “Ghost Pine Lake” made in on Ellen Datlow’s top horror picks for the year, volume 7. Datlow is a former...

Global Center Exchanges: "Hard to Swallow"

April 12, 2016 From stethoscopes to x-ray to endoscopy, we’ll learn how tools have changed our method of “seeing” into the body–of diagnosis and by extension of treating disease. Global Center for Health Innovation, Cleveland Ohio. Register...

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